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2011-09-25, 12:36 AM

A noob to posting in forums -- Please be gentle with me. :laugh:

Using the most recent stable version of BitTornado on Windows 7. I have been using it 'enthusiastically' with no recurring problem. (See my pathetic ratio as evidence -- But what's a guy to do if no one wants the same shows as I, 'cuz my windows are always open :bop:)

As usual, I save the torrent file to my drive. Then I double-click the bit torrent file. My client opens and gives me a window to specify where to put the torrented files. A client window opens and then instaneously I get:

"Couldn't allocate dir [Error 2] The system cannot find the specified path . . ."

Nothing gets dl'd, not even a new folder -- No file names, etc.

NOTE: This is only happening with one particular torrent which scores of others have successfully downloaded - A fresh torrent still very active.

I have read all about this error message and tried everything. It definitely is not something commonly discussed about this error:

-I have tried to save the file to my HD;
-Nothing unusual or troubling in torrent name, path, file names, etc;
-Not an issue with number of characters/path name length; and,
-I have tried the obvious and simple fixes: cleared out all my cash, deleted all the files, rebooted, tried again.

I'm stumped :help:

I guess now I will find out if anyone ever reads this stuff, huh? :whistle:

Thanks! Jesse

"Please remember always to listen safely."



2011-09-25, 07:02 AM
Hi Jesse, my advice would be: remove BitTornado from your PC and install uTorrent (you can download it here: http://www.utorrent.com/intl/eng/downloads), IMHO a much better and easy to use and set up bittorrent client.

Another thing is that according to the tracker you show as being firewalled (your portnumber is shown in red). Being firewalled doesn't really help when trying to upload (and download as well). You can find more info on being firewalled here (Before posting about being firewalled... (http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=42590)) and in the Technobabble section (http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=4).

2011-09-25, 11:12 AM
That has happened on rare occasions with me. As stated above, utorrent will connect when BitTornado has this happen.

2011-09-25, 06:08 PM
You show me as firewalled?!? Yikes! I mean oh no, really.

That is terrible. I am familiar enough with the issue and I was certain had done everything possible to assure I am not firewalled nor having any issue with a router.

So, thanks for the bad news. I needed to know, even if I did not want to hear that.

I have no doubt you are correct but I am a bit dumbfounded b/c (1) my client does show me a "green light" (everything working as we want, no firewall, etc.) and (2) on another tracker (DIME) my participation in swarms and my share ratio (over 1) all indicated I do not have this problem.

Now I do. Crap!

On the other hand, I did get the other issue to resolve itself -- Thanks!! Be well. Peace y'all.

2011-09-25, 06:15 PM
Hey, wait a minute!!

I just saw that up in the upper right corner, here, it shows I am firewalled...but it never said that prior to today!!

So, I tell myself, "WFT?!" Even when I was writing about the allocation issue yesterday, I did not show as being firewalled on this tracker......I doubt I will ever figure out why or how this happened. Yeah, big bummer. Tx, JCA

2011-09-25, 06:58 PM
At times I have appeared fire walled here and no where else....one of the mysteries of life...ignore it

2011-09-25, 07:48 PM
i all of a sudden showed up firewalled. read everything about un firewalling my self. nothing works. i seem to upload and download fine anyway.:hmm:

2011-09-25, 11:11 PM
Thanks to both of you!! Yeah, had me a bit bothered as I have gone to great lengths to assure I am not firwalled, helping spread the music as best I can.

I do have the ISP problem: Comcast here. Of course they deny messing with any ports, etc., but Vuze Wiki, if not others, says "Bad ISP!". Admittedly, even though I always get a "green light" on the client and quick up/down speeds and a good ratio to prove it, ...... Ports 6881-6999 show "unconnectable" with timed out error on CanYouSeeMe.

What kills me is everyone still says, "Go to PortForward and fix it there".....does anyone know they started charging some time ago (so it appears....they certainly are charging).

Did I say something that doesn't belong in this thread? I'm never sure where to post in a forum....and the "dreaded firewall question" gets people's panties in a bunch such that I get extra nervous about posting in the wrong place.

Ok, thanks again, friends. Happy torrenting! :) Jesse