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2011-09-15, 11:11 PM
This is a free collection management tool for the advanced collector of lossless audio files primarily in flac and shn format. It provides a very quick and easy way to tell whether you already have something that is being offered. It helps you build a database of the checksums and info files of the folders on your hard drives and stores them by the folder name. Once you have built the database, you can look up multiple md5, ffp, and st5 checksum sets to see whether you have them. The lookup can be done from checksums copied to the clipboard, or from selected folders or files. It reports all matching folders and also any checksums missing for a found folder. So you can tell what you have and what is missing.

This is not for everybody. This is for people into identifying lossless sets with checksums. You must also have compatible computer equipment and a willingness to install, learn, and understand new software. The software can provide great productivity benefits in identifying lossless sets.

The program requires a sort of recent version of Windows like XP or afterwards that can run Windows.NET Framework and Windows Compact SQL database. All of those are free downloads and they may already be on your computer. Full requirements are in the help file with a link to it below.

More information is in the help file:

and screen shots are at:

There is a discussion group for this software at:

And the latest version of this software is available for download at: