View Full Version : How do I become a seeder?

2011-08-12, 08:57 AM

I'm using KTorrent and followed the procedure described here (http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/faq.php?faq=rules#faq_audioguide), but even as my torrent client says that I'm 'seeding', the tracker doesn't recognize me as one, so nobody's able to download!

What should I do? :hmm:

2011-08-12, 09:11 AM
i'm assuming yer talking about the Zep show you uploaded earlier today...we use personalized passkeys on ours torrents [which enables the tracker to keep up with the d/l and u/l stats next to yer name]...so you need to download the .torrent file from thread instead of running it from the original .toirrent file you created and attached to your post

1. stop the current torrent in your client [KTorrent], and remove it from the queue
2. download the .torrent file in the show's thread [at the bottom of your first post]:
3. run that .torrent file in yer client, when it asks where to download the files to point it to the folder yer show is in on yer comp
4. yer client should then see its already there, check the files to make sure they're complete, and then list you as a seeder
5. after a few minutes, you will show up on our tracker as a seeder

2011-08-12, 10:09 AM
Somewhat my .torrent file isn't there anymore, now what?

2011-08-12, 10:43 AM
looks like that torrent was pulled by one of the ABT mods...see the thread for the reason why

but for future reference, when you upload a show you will need to seed it from the .torrent file d/led from the thread, not the one you created to upload with

good luck!

2011-08-12, 11:42 AM
Please read the seeding guidelines before posting any more shows.

Thanks. :thumbsup