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2011-07-29, 06:05 AM
Anyone plz..help me out..in utorrent i m downloading big file but the problem is.
48% as b completed after that. its not moving a single % also...
i can c there is no downloading speed and up loading speed is realy good..
plzz help me out. How can i complete this download.

thank u

2011-07-29, 06:16 AM
first, i'll move your thread to our Tech forum where you'll get appropriate answers

second, it would help if you could post a link to the torrent's thread that you're downloading [which show is it?]

but sounds to me like there may be no seeders who have the complete file set...just leave it running for a while and hopefully someone will come along with the complete files

2011-07-29, 08:46 AM
the login never hit the tracker

2011-07-29, 11:05 AM
noticed that after responding

killan -- if the torrent yer talking about isn't on our tracker, its a bit difficult for us to narrow down the problem