View Full Version : Multiple framerates on Blu-Ray?

2011-06-25, 05:01 AM
I'm in the process of authoring my first Blu-ray and now I've the following questions.

If I want to use let's say 2 tracks with different framerates, 25.000 fps and 29.970 fps and when I select Blu-ray/BDMV in my author (TMPGEnc Authoring Works) I have to select NTSC or PAL. If I use Smartrendering (to keep the files original) when selected NTSC the framerate of the original PAL files is changed to 29.970 fps (and vice versa). Would this change of framerate be considered as re-encoding (or is it bad for that matter)? I have read on some fora that a Blu-ray should have a framerate of 24 fps, but I have seen framerates as high as 59.94 fps on BR's. Should all tracks etc have the same framerate on a single Blu-ray or is it possible to have different framerates on a BR (and it still being playable)? Anybody know what the deal here is? Thanks! J.