View Full Version : Mac Toast 7 help needed

2011-06-21, 03:50 AM
Hi I'm brand new to this, I hope I'm posting in the right space. I have a eMac G4 and got Roxio Toast 7. It does burn Flac. files but every time I burn something it says there must be a gap of 2 seconds between the first 2 songs. Not good for a live show. Is there any way around this??

2011-06-21, 03:55 AM
Also can I still down/upload while in sleep mode. The person who introduced me to this gave me a stern lecture about getting my share ratio up. But he uses a Windows and knows nothing about Macs.

2011-06-21, 05:37 AM
only the first track needs a 2 second pre-gap, which is placed before the track...so it won't really affect the flow of the show

can't remember how Toast7 was set up, pretty sure it sets a 2 sec pre-gap for every track by default...just select track 2 thru the last track, change pre-gap to 0, and burn

never used Sleep mode, so not positive about that, sorry