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2011-06-01, 09:59 AM
i am getting a message about no torrent or ffp?
i have both in folder? i copied ffp in "box" do you want the file info or "tag"
torrent is in folder too?
thanks, been a while since i uploaded

2011-06-01, 10:06 AM
scroll to the bottom to upload the actual torrent file > close upload window > final Submit New Thread button

2011-06-01, 10:52 AM
still not sure. i have torrent in folder, but don't see where point tracker to torrent alone? you've explained properly, but don't see where to scroll too?

2011-06-01, 10:56 AM
utorrent shows 2 peers? but no seed?
i put torrent in torrent folder, but not in folder of upload, should it be in both?

2011-06-01, 11:14 AM
so now i have torrent in upload folder and torrent folder, is it working?

2011-06-01, 11:27 AM
yep. everything looks great. have a nice day!

2011-06-01, 11:30 AM
thanks. i guess i'll see torrent listed soon? so i can link friends
many thanks for your help.

2011-06-01, 11:31 AM
don't i need to download as well?

2011-06-01, 11:36 AM
thanks. i guess i'll see torrent listed soon
oh yeah, give it an hour or two for the server to update

2011-06-01, 11:43 AM
thanks again

2011-06-01, 03:41 PM
just curious, still don't see it anywhere? seems like i used to see it right away to download? torrent shows 2 peers, no seeds

2011-06-01, 04:10 PM
not sure, seems to be working...but get this message on utorrent

Name Status Update In Seeds Peers Downloaded
http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/tracker/announce.php Failure: Invalid passkey (0 - ) 14m 51s 0 0 0

2011-06-01, 04:40 PM
i've redone this several times. no i am down to message, that says no torrent? it's in folder

2011-06-02, 12:18 AM
You are trying to seed withe the torrent file you created.

You must download the torrent file as any leech would. Point the client to where your files already are and it will check to 100% and you will become a seed.

2011-06-02, 09:07 AM
i get this when trying to upload "No Torrent-File has been attached."
I've read and reread the how to do this, not sure where i am incorrect?

2011-06-02, 09:36 AM
Have you create a folder for your show and a torrent file (not in the folder)?

Make sure all the files are closed then go to the upload page. Fill in the information and on the bottom click to attach the torrent button (a popup will appear) and select the torrent file and click the Upload button. Once it is uploaded, close the little attach torrent popup. Then submit the Thread. Then you need to download the torrent file from the thread in order to seed the show.

2011-06-02, 10:05 AM
wow, hours later and got it finally. thanks for all the help. i was hitting the upload first. , yes, not really reading through very well. Odd how you go below that button first. I do love this site and would like to upload more often. I'll give it a few more try's now.
Mucho Grassy ass for the help.

2011-06-02, 10:27 AM
so i am going right back and trying yet again to get this down correctly, with another upload,

2011-06-02, 11:51 AM
Odd how you go below that button first.

you aren't the first person to have this trouble because of that. I usually remember to ask about it.

I think the reason it is that way is because the software that runs TTD always places attachment dialog at the bottom. Not sure if there is any way around that, but it has to a few people, before.

2011-06-03, 09:31 AM
:nerd: It's a form (html) issue. Uploading a file requires a form, and uploading a thread requires a form. They are two separate forms and you cannot nest forms, thus they need to be one after the other.