View Full Version : HELP PLEASE :o(

2011-05-24, 03:30 AM
hi guys, can anyone give me an heads up on what going wrong?

My pc crashed on me, so I rebooted pc/modem etc. now when i try and conect to a torrent I'm getting an error of;

rejected by tracker - connection limit exceeded

I've tried from main pc and laptop, logged out etc on both still no joy :O(

this is the first time in 5 years I've had any trouble at all here, so any advice guys?

mr Bodge

2011-05-24, 04:56 AM
It's your ratio, man. At 0.17 I suspect someone from TTD sent you a nasty virus. Buying another PC is what I'd do if I were you...

2011-05-24, 09:42 AM
Since your PC crashed, your torrent client didn't get a chance to send a message to the tracker saying that you had disconnected. So, when you started again and tried to connect, it throught you were still connected and said your connection limited was exceeded. A cleaner comes through and drops all torrents that have no connection after about an hour. So, you should be able to reconnect then.