View Full Version : Strange Web Thing... Malware?

2011-04-19, 10:09 PM
I was using my Mac at work and was in google and clicked on a photo after I selected to look in images. I got the prompt window attached. There is no way to click out of the prompt window but it moves. So I ended up forcing quit of Firefox. When restarted Firefox that prompt window comes up in Firefox... I shut down the Mac and left the office...

Tonight at home on a totally different Mac and a totally different IP, I was again in the google images when I was searching for a picture of a guitar. I click on a picture and got the same prompt window.

I went into preferences and into privacy and made it so I wouldn't accept cookies from imagescannerprotectionwin.com and then I did a force quit and started a new session.

I never clicked the "OK". What will happen if I do?

Does anybody know what this is? I've never had this happen before... never mind twice in a day.

2011-04-20, 06:36 AM
never seen that...are you running Windows on the Macs via Parallels, BootCamp, etc?

i would try scanning yer comp for any heebeejeebees...i use Sophos, its free:

2011-04-20, 12:20 PM

I run OS X 10.6.7... no windows.

The domain where the attack is coming from is new.

2011-04-20, 12:26 PM
perhaps try camino (which is a more mac centric firefox) I get less alerts n pop ups since I switched..I have found browser sensitive stuff happening with firefox...
just an idea.