View Full Version : Help with acoustic show i taped lastnight

2011-04-15, 08:32 AM
Lastnight i taped an acoustic show,and although the music seems ok,the talking between is hard to make out.Ive had this before with acoustic shows,but never had any idea how to improve it with good results( raising the volume,seems to add a lot of hiss).Would anyone like to have a go at it,as im sure whatever they do would be better than what i can do.If anyone is interested in having a go i will send the orginal 24 bit files to work with.Thank you in advance for any help.By the way the show was amy wadge,who is a uk singer/guitarist/keyboard player.If you're curious,check her website out.


2011-04-15, 08:48 AM
what audio program(s) do you use?

not having the audio in front of me, a simple guess would be a little compression to boost the buried vocal & then filter out the hiss frequency bands using EQ or a noise gate filter, or a combination of both...*typically* hiss is gonna be around the 16k range ...but most likely its well above the voices freq range

[I]i would only do this on the between-song-banter tho

2011-04-15, 09:41 AM
Ive only really used magix audio cleaner.

2011-04-15, 10:16 AM
never used it, but looks like its got some automated filters that might do the trick...play around and see what ya get, easier than shipping off to someone else :thumbsup

2011-04-16, 09:28 PM
next time if you wanted you would bring up the levels while recording, bit risky tho!