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2011-03-31, 12:55 PM
Hi folks

I have in my possession, a VHS tape with TV show performances recorded by a mate (1980/90s).I believe the recorder recorded in true stereo. He used a decent machine which recorded in stereo. Given that this tape has the only know performance (video or audio) of Dark Star (Bic Hayes old band) that I have ever come across, I really would love to have this professionally transferred to hard drive for me. There is also a 1980s re-broadcast version of the 1970 Sabbath "Paris" video, plus who knows what else. I would like the lot transferred for me.

I am looking for someone,in the UK, who knows their stuff in VHS transfers, as my mate would appreciate the tape back undamaged and I would like to see what I can do about the transferred videos. Anyone here good for it? UK only and I would prefer someone who is well known here, as I have been trusted with this tape.

2011-03-31, 02:37 PM
a local pro will transfer a VHS for under 20
Tel: 0845 658 4455


2011-03-31, 04:35 PM
Cool. I was thinking about someone local, but wondered if anyone on here with experience was up for it. I'll call someone this weekend.