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2005-07-06, 10:16 AM
I have a nice Tom Petty boot in shn format, spectral looks great, clearly lossless, but SBEs were likely burned into the original silver CD, meaning that there are audible gaps in the playback, between tracks. EAC will process a wave and remove leading/ending silence, but unfortunately, the tracks are not perfectly separated, so that there is a bit of the beginning of the next track (just a couple of samples, but enough to make the silence NOT end the track). So, EAC does not remove any silence from the tracks. Goldwave will remove silence from the middle of a track, but incompletely, leaving 0.10 secs of silence there, better but still audible, and I would never seed that way.

Does anyone know of a program which will automatically remove all completely silent spots from a track? I know that this will create SBEs in the new files, but TLH will quickly fix those...

Thanks in advance.


2005-07-06, 10:26 AM
as far as i know, this can only be done manually using an audio editing program...i used to use CEP [Audition] on a PC, but work on Macs now so, i'm unsure as to the "new" generation of audio programs...in short, its possible, but takes alot of work/time...

2005-07-07, 02:24 AM
that's correct, this can't be done automatically. even if you only delete the silent samples there can still be a pop introduced, this needs to be checked carefully by listening and also double-checking for a "red pillar" in spectral view. and, as mentioned, the deletions introduce new sbes which have to be fixed as well.

2005-07-07, 04:01 AM
If I were doing this I would open append all the files in Audition and work with the show as a whole. Once I was happy with the painstaking removal process then splitting it properly would be my next step. jm2c ymmv