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2005-07-05, 07:41 PM
in shntool how do a create a shntool.txt file?

2005-07-05, 09:31 PM
in shntool how do a create a shntool.txt file?

Hi there! There's a great tutorial here:


But you can make a batch file (assuming you are on windows) that will check the length of your wav files & output the results to a text file.

To do this, first cut or copy the shntool.exe file and paste it into your system32 directory. This is usually C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32 or C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32

This will allow the shntool command to be executed from within any directory.

Next create a new text file named wavlen (or something else - your preference) somewhere convenient to you, like your desktop, open it and type in:

@<hidden> off
shntool len *.wav > shntool.txt
start notepad shntool.txt

Then save this text file as wavlen.bat instead of .txt (Alternatively, you can save it, close it, then rename the file itself from .txt to .bat).

The .bat file is executable, meaning you can double click on it & it will run the instructions you typed in. The thing is though that when you run this file, it will look for .wav files only in the current directory (the one you are executing the file from, the desktop for example).

To get around this, you can keep the original .bat file on your desktop, then just copy/paste it into the directory where the wavs that you wish to check are located.

Then run it from that location and presto-change-o, shntool.txt in the directory with your wavs.

Please note that I am a bit of an amateur at this and that perhaps someone else with more experience can add to, correct or improve this advice!

happy shntooling,


2005-07-06, 03:46 AM
or just use Trader's Little Helper

make sure to get the update, too.

then generate a .st5 checksum and also a len check if you want.