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2011-03-06, 11:21 AM
I sent him the dvds almost one month ago (USA to Chile). Maybe it's a little bit early to worry, but I sent him several emails/mps to ask him if he received the dvds and if he sent mine, but he doesn't answer... Did anyone ever trade with him before?

2011-03-06, 11:53 PM
I have traded with him. I sent first and received my requests after perhaps a month. The trade completed two weeks ago. Sometimes mail to South America is slow. My trade turned out fine and I would recommend him. I hope you receive your discs soon.

2011-03-06, 11:54 PM
Seeing he hasn't answered you, maybe he was "taken out" by a cartel. :hmm: :lol:

2011-03-17, 05:59 AM
Elfactor Have you recieved your side of the trade ???
Or at least an email communication since you last posted about this.
hopefully your trade works out , good luck.

2011-03-17, 09:30 AM
yeah, he sent an email, saying that he received my stuff and posted the dvds. Waiting for the dvds now...

2011-03-17, 01:04 PM
Cool ! be sure to change him to good trader when you do get your dvds since so far he is just guilty of being little slow.

2011-03-30, 03:24 PM
ok, I received the dvds, I changed the topic title.