View Full Version : Would this be allowed @ TTD -- Internet Radio Broadcast Sweden Rocks 2010 - Nazareth

2011-03-01, 10:31 AM
http://i733.photobucket.com/albums/ww335/DrGiggles1/11razamanaz-1.jpg (http://i733.photobucket.com/albums/ww335/DrGiggles1/11razamanaz-1.jpg)

2011-03-01, 12:36 PM
No internet streams.

That spectral looks bad.

Lucifer burns
2011-07-03, 08:09 AM
It's not "lossy".

2011-07-03, 05:16 PM
Sure it is - look how lego block-y the high peaks are...

Lucifer burns
2011-07-05, 06:35 PM
Sure it is - look how lego block-y the high peaks are...

Not to my eyes.
I'm looking at the "blue" graph.
That is a liner view of the frequency analysis.
So what is it then...mp3? minidisc?

2011-07-06, 02:19 AM
He's talking about the spectral (B&W) It is chopped but... It seems to be chopped above 20khz...

Actually if you look @<hidden> the blue graph (underneath) it says there's a deep cut @<hidden> 21790hz

level drops -107db left
level drops -102.5db right

That actually shows as a dip right @<hidden> that frequency in the blue graph...

It's probably broadast compression...

2011-07-06, 04:33 AM
even based on the FA, its definitely lossy...see the sharp roll-off around 18kHz, and then flatlines around 20kHz...and the blockiness in the SA only verifies

being an internet radio broadcast, you can almost expect it to be lossy...these days i'm pretty sure most of the quality broadcasters are using the AAC format (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Audio_Coding)