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The Wicker Man
2011-02-05, 05:29 PM
Why does it take me 14 hours to burn a DVD?

My write speed ends up being (.1x) instead of 1x 2x 4 x 8 x 16x, etc. I have all burn settings on max and I have tried different software. I am currently using image burn 2.5. I am using a ASUS DRW-24B1ST SATA a 1.04 (E:) (ATAPI).

Is there a setting in have messed up somewhere in device mangler that I should check.


The Wicker Man
2011-02-05, 05:29 PM
Thanks for any help

2011-02-05, 05:47 PM
Should not be taking 14 hours ! I haven't used imageburn but in your initial set-up all defaults would have gone in. Go into properties and check your settings.
I use Nero and the basic set-up allows you to choose the burn speed before you hit "burn".

The Wicker Man
2011-02-05, 06:34 PM
Had tried Nero already. I found the problem. I moved the Sata cable from the Sata2 to Sata3. Either the cable was not set properly, the bus on the sata 2 was being used on a hard drive, or the sata connection was bad. Anywayz just burned one in 12 minutes..

Sometimes you have to look "IN THE BOX"

2011-02-06, 02:57 AM
Maybe your drive was in PIO mode.