View Full Version : trouble converting shn to wav

2011-01-18, 05:01 AM
trying to convert some shn files from a show to WAV and Its not working. Using traders little helper. For example I try and decode the first file and it will get to 98% i try it again and it gets to 86%, yet again and it gets to 99%. Have downloaded the show twice and both times same problem.

2011-01-18, 08:14 AM
Which version of TLH are you using, the latest?

2011-01-18, 09:01 AM
free to try (14days) Switch Sound Audio Converter (http://download.cnet.com/Switch-Plus-Audio-Converter/3000-2140_4-10327491.html)

great program - converts in batches up to 30,000 files at a time - I've zero .shn left in personal collection.

(as to your odd situation.. consider moving the entire directory to a new location/drive and convert)

2011-01-18, 05:01 PM
Upgrade to the latest TLH release (get installer here (http://tlh.easytree.org)). Please pm me if decoding doesn't work.

muff beach
2011-01-19, 11:32 PM
mkw audio compression toolkit always worked for me.

2011-01-20, 05:14 AM