View Full Version : downloaded show....how do I burn to DVD???

2005-07-01, 03:28 PM
i just downloaded my first show off this site. I've got all the files and can play the video complete with menus and everything on the computer, but when i try to burn to dvd it doesnt recognize VOB as a video file. Basically, I've got the downloaded parts of the show but dont know what to do now. Someone please help. I just need to know the best way to take a downloaded show and put it on a dvd. thanks

2005-07-01, 03:50 PM
What software are you trying to use. You should probably look through Technobabble just a few days back because someone was having this same problem and many freeware applications were mentioned that can burn the VIDEO_TS folder for you.

2005-07-01, 09:14 PM
what OS are yuo on?
what program did you try to burn with?