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2011-01-17, 04:23 PM
Anyone know a program or method to capture audio or video from www.baeblemusic.com? And actually done it.


2011-01-29, 06:17 AM
101 people have now viewed this. I consider this crowd to be very knowledgeable. I'm guessing one cannot capture streams from this site (it certainly seems quite difficult).

2011-01-29, 06:45 AM
give this a try - gave it a test drive/works great

CaptureWizPro is a professional tool for capturing anything on your screen, even tricky items like the entire contents of scrolling areas, drop-down lists, tool tips, mouse pointers and screen savers. There's also a high-performance recorder for capturing streaming video or creating demos. Output recordings to WMV, AVI or GIF. Innovative features make it fast and easy.

2011-01-30, 06:18 AM
Tried it. Good program and thanks for the tip, but it didn't work. As with any screen capture program (I use Jinx for work) you can get the video easily. The problem is that the only audio you can record is via the mic in the monitor, recording the audio playing through the speakers on the desktop, and my breathing and drinking coffee as well. Sounds terrible -- makes a good soundboard recording sound like an average audience one.

2011-01-30, 06:42 AM
change the audio capture settings in CaptureWizPro for the internal sound card as follows:

Settings > Options > Audio

Select Input > enable internal sound card as default :

*if internal sound card is 'grayed out' > right click > Enable > set as default.