View Full Version : Alice Cooper Cooperstown gig help needed plz

2011-01-10, 09:36 AM
Hi, got a copy of alice cooper live with most of original line up at cooperstown, need info and cannot find any, i think it is either 1998 or 99 alice starts 1st song in dark jeans, black and white mottled shirt and suit jacket, after 1 st song jacket comes off, set list is be my lover/no more.../under.../18/billion.../schools.../18/schools.../no more.../muscle of love/is it my body/killer/billion...

last few songs are different clothes obviousely sifferent films on one dvd, i need confirmation on venue and date and any other info, cheers if you can help and thanks for looking, all the best

2011-01-10, 11:10 AM
Maybe the info you're looking for can be found here (http://www.alicecooperechive.com/tourdates/) ...

2011-01-12, 04:17 AM
or here (http://db.etree.org/bs_d.php?year=1999&artist_key=5936)