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2011-01-02, 12:53 PM
With all the hype about the new legislation and litigation from industry... what is the consensus about blacklists and blocking software? I recently removed Peerguardian. Frankly, I couldn't configure a list that was up to date, so I gave up.

Should we bother with this anyway? Is there anything to be gained from blocking? What software exists? How current are the blacklists? What say ye?

2011-01-02, 01:45 PM
Use Peerblock its like an updated version of Peerguardian, constantly updated and I recommend it 100%
What PeerBlock Is
PeerBlock is a type of program known as an "IP Blocker". IP-addresses are used to identify a computer whenever it connects to the internet. PeerBlock monitors each connection your computer tries to make with another one - and each connection other computers try to make with you - and then compares the other computer's IP address against a list of "known bad" IP addresses to see whether it should let this connection go through or not.
PeerBlock is being actively developed by a small team of developers led by Mark Bulas

2011-01-02, 02:07 PM
Waste of time. I doubt those people will/are using public IPs to follow you.

2011-01-03, 03:35 AM
Waste of time. I doubt those people will/are using public IPs to follow you.

But, I really want to believe I can block "them". Just because I'm paranoid - it doesn't mean they're NOT out to get me - lol

2011-01-06, 01:57 AM
You can block some of "them" from connecting to you, but those lists can't be complete. All "they" have to do is get some new IP addresses and then they can connect to you. "They" undoubtedly do that all the time. It's their job.

Block lists just aren't very effective.