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2010-12-31, 06:46 PM
trying to upload some shows but having problems with one step..the ffp. I go to my ffp file verify it with traders then copy and paste the info in the submittal form for traders den. it then gives me an error an message that they are not in the correc format. please help what am i doing wrong here. thanks so much and happy new year!!

2010-12-31, 06:55 PM
check FAQ here

.. and happy new year!

FLAC's use of the fingerprint allows users much more versatility while still maintaining the same core functionality : verifiying that the audio in your files has not altered since it was seeded. Of course, a user may still use wholefile md5 checks on .flac files if they see fit, but this is a practice performed out of ignorance rather than functionality. Using FLAC's fingerprinting is much more useful than wholefile md5 checking, and should be used 100% of the time.


Notice the file name is at the front of each line.

consider creating an .st5
Inclusion of the shntool md5 into notes for original seeds is highly recommended, as it will help users confirm that they have clean filesets across many platforms and filetypes.

cb8a42007fe797435826a76cb527be01 [shntool] sample2007-04-15t01.flac
25eb2520a33ed2b88edf41f5d6f09505 [shntool] sample2007-04-15t02.flac
fbfced772c4d478f57072ffe9aeb2a69 [shntool] sample2007-04-15t03.flac

Notice the 32-digit number is the same as the fingerprint 32-digit number in the flac fingerprints above.