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2010-12-11, 09:46 AM
I don't want to name him yet, I thought I would ask a question first.

I traded with someone in Quebec for the second time last month. The first trade was two or three shows, all went smooth. The second time he contacted me and we did 6-8 shows, I don't recall the exact number.

The problem is, he sent two wrong shows. I had asked for two Los Lobos shows, and instead got two Montoya shows.

I have emailed him several times to let him know about the error, about five times in fact, but have received no reply. His last email to me was a little more than a month ago, to let me know he had sent my discs.

At what point do you put a trader like this on a bad traders list?

2010-12-11, 12:04 PM
If he has made a mistake ,he has to resend right cds or dvds

2010-12-11, 12:12 PM
If he has made a mistake ,he has to resend right cds or dvds

Yes, but he has not replied to my numerous emails.

At what point do you say that's enough, I'll stick him on the Bad Traders List?

And even if I do that, will I accomplish anything? I don't think he frequents here.


Hitman Horton
2010-12-11, 02:09 PM
Email him one more time and give him one final chance to make good on the trade. Tell him that if he doesn't that you'll list him as a bad trader here. That might be enough to get him to fulfill his part of the trade. If not, follow through.

2010-12-11, 02:45 PM
yes one more email, one more PM here and if you haven't received any answer next week end .... i think it will be time to add his nickname in bad traders lists

2010-12-13, 03:52 PM
Problem appears to be solved.

Got an email from the trader today, said he had problems with his Mac and just got it back today and will be sending the correct shows soon.

Thanks for the help.

2010-12-18, 10:24 AM
I received the two Los Lobos shows yesterday, so everything is fine and dandy.