View Full Version : trouble with phish boston montage video

2005-06-29, 09:19 AM
I downloaded it yesterday and there seems to be no sound at all, anyone know why? or have a different source?

2005-06-29, 09:38 AM
you might want to post this problem in the show's thread...see if others are having a similar issue with it...

2005-06-29, 12:20 PM
What program are you using to play it? Have you burned it already?

It worked fine for me.

2005-06-29, 10:41 PM
i have an iMac, I am using VLC player, it shows up in the folder in 4 parts and none of them have sound. Sorry if im posting in the wrong spot, im new.

2005-06-30, 06:50 AM
Try playing it with DVD player man.