View Full Version : Best audio editing/production software.

2010-10-16, 10:22 PM
Hello friends.

What's the best software for audio production, editing, mastering, cleaning up and all that sort of stuff... You know something that can do it all... mixing, EQ, hiss/noise reduction, reverb etc... pretty much has every feature any one would ever need whether it be amateurs or pros or engineers

I don't mind paying for it. I've been using pro-tools, I'm sure there is something better out there

2010-10-17, 12:11 PM
i use Ableton Live alot, also Logic...along with numerous 3rd party plugins

2010-10-17, 07:57 PM
I recnetly got the Waves mercury bundle and used it with Pro-Tools. It has a ton of plugins but more importantly X-Click X-Crackle X-Hum X-Noise. I've used a few different programs here and there but these are by far the best I've ever herd, (although every NR system has it's limatations).

After using Pro-Tools for so long I cant stand Logic, I only ever use it for the few features it has that Pro-tools doesn't (which are pretty good... I just don't like it).
I also know a guy that uses Cubase but I have no experience with it.

2010-10-23, 03:54 PM
I like cubase a lot but I'm strictly amateur.
However it is easy/intuitive to use(to me at least), you can lay tracks by yourself and has tons of plug-ins avail.
I can get great sounding recordings out of it (IMO)- much better than any external digital or analog gear I've had in the past.
I know a professional guy that uses cubase as well and gets amazing results (but he has cases of great mics and a good ear), but most other pros I know or have read about use pro-tools or logic.

Check out tape op for waaayyyy too much info on every aspect of audio production-
I subscribe (for free- not sure if it's still free) and have enjoyed every issue so far and usually learn something useful in addition to being entertained.
Even if I'm not familiar with a persons work it is great reading about other peoples thoughts and techniques.
This issues David Byrne/Pat Dillett interview is awesome!
(But I may be biased since I'm a big fan of most of Davids work)