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2010-10-15, 02:40 PM
Hi All,

I figured this might be the best place to post this. I just want an opinion on what you think is fair and best to do in a similar situation.

I recently did a trade with someone, who I've traded with twice before. This time we did a rather large trade, close to 20 discs. The person received their discs from me the day they said mine were shipped, on September 30th. It has now been 2 weeks and I have not received my package. Now, I know things happen with mail being delayed and lost. My package was shipped Priority but unfortunately, without delivery confirmation so there is no way to track it. I believe the person sent the discs. I am in the United States, New York area, this person lives in approximation of the Atlanta area. I told the person I traded with I would give the package a month to get to me, and if I didn't receive it by November 1st, I would request a replacement. Since it was such a large trade, I even offered to send him 10 dollars for the repeat shipping and blank discs.

Do you think I was fair or more than fair? I know sometimes people can get very impaitient when they don't receive their stuff. Personally, if I do a trade with more than say 6 discs, I do Delivery Confirmation, not so much because I don't trust people but so that I can now the status of something I sent. We all know not everyone e-mails you to inform you that they received their shipment.

What do you think? What would you do?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!


2010-10-15, 03:00 PM
sounds very reasonable to me.

2010-10-16, 12:15 AM
The way you have gone about it seems very fair. I wouldn't bother with the $10 though - you covered your end, you don't cover his/hers.

I have been, and am still am with a couple of trades, in the position of waiting on stuff that should have been sent/arrived ages ago. One of them should have been completed AT LEAST 6 months ago but because of the persons rep, and his insistence that they will arrive, I have given leeway. I am very suspect though !!

It's up to you how you handle it. If you feel things have gone to shit then let the trading world know about this person and how they've let you down.

2010-10-18, 12:19 PM
Well alls well that ends well. The discs FINALLY arrived today. Thanks for your feedback. As I previously stated, I believed the discs were sent, I traded with this person a few times so I didn't think they were lying. Also I work in the Mail Sorting establishment so if anyone knows how mail gets delayed or misrouted, it's me. I offered to send money because it was such a large trade, and even though true, it was NOT my fault, I was trying to be nice. If we do future trades though, I will insist Delivery Confirmation be used for the extra 70 cents. They will also have to send first next time.

I once waited 10 months for a trade to be completed. This source had 1st gen recordings of a series I wanted upgrades of. I didn't need the whole series, maybe 55 discs worth. I sent my trade first in 2 shipments, a few weeks apart, all discs done in real time, as it was before I had a burner. I knew this person would take a while but after 6 months I began to inquire what was up. I got the standard "sorry, been busy, working on them, can send you what's done so far". I said I would wait for them all in one shipment. After another 3 months of no discs, I decided to ask if they would consider loaning me their masters and I would just do them myself quicky and return them. They replied they were "almost done" and after another 3-4 weeks, I finally got my stuff. I guess they felt guilty for taking so long because in addition to sending the 55 discs we agreed upon, they also sent me the additional 40 discs of the series as well. The only reason I didn't go nuts with them is because I knew they were slow and also because I already had the shows, these were just better copies. But I will never do a trade like that again!

Digital Dragon
2010-12-09, 09:04 PM
Personally i always redo and resend if the package does not arrive within 30 days - more than reasonable amount of time for delivery. I can remember one situation where the package finally arrived in the US from here in Canada almost 4 weeks after i sent it - problem was the bubble pack arrived empty!!
The package had a note from USPS saying it was damaged and to file a claim.
Well neither one of us wanted to file a claim on bootleg DVDs so i went ahead and redid the whole package (40 DVDs) and resent it as well. This time i double taped everything and sent it with a tracking number - The replacement arrived within 2 weeks so everyone was happy! I bet the prick at the postal sorting station that snagged the DVDs out of the original package was pretty happy to.
About a week later i received a check for $10 from the trader to cover my costs - that was greatly appreciated and not expected :)

Now i keep my trades under 20 DVDs for ones that i know well and 10 for any newer traders until we establish a mutual trust.

Man i can remember another package to Sweden that just disappeared off the face of the earth! - 4 weeks went by and nothing!
I redid that one and sent it priority - only 10 DVDs but you gotta wonder what happened to it - Sometimes the old package can arrive by the time the new one arrives but in this case nothing at all!
Hey shit happens sometimes in the Postal world - we all take a chance without getting a tracking number - I know everything costs double here in Canada to send priority or with a tracking number - that sucks!
At the end of the day, hundreds of trades arrived safely and only a few got lost so its a small percentage luckily :)

2010-12-12, 11:29 AM
Not really appropriate to the original topic, but i work for Royal Mail and it's extremely easy for dvds to get lost and damaged.

Since i've been working for RM i make sure i pack my trades alot more securley. It's deffinaly worth it considering how items are handled.