View Full Version : cant seem to seed torrent that i uploaded

2010-10-15, 11:01 AM
i think i did every thing right.im not firewalled, dont have problems with other torrents i uploaded.
i uncheck the private option on utorrent like it says the uplading page (that what i got from that line).
i copy and paste the announce of the tracker.
included everything it ask me.
and i cant seed the show i posted...whats wrong?
the torrent is a 2Pac show from 1996.
any help is appreciated.
thanks for reading.

2010-10-15, 11:26 AM
it shows you as seeding on the tracker

however you've provided no lineage info, so this one will probly be pulled...please read our FAQs for seeding requirements here at TTD

2010-10-15, 11:33 AM
oh, i kind of did, its ripped lossless from DVD to flac file.only i forgot to say the compression level!..missed that.