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2010-10-13, 08:46 PM
My name is Rich Baybusky,i'm a long time taper and trader. I started taping video in 1982. I have thousands of hours of video i'd like to make available to people. Tons of different bands. Hundreds of tv appearances on shows like letterman,tonight show,mtv,vh1,even hundreds of hours of pal masters and 1st gens. If somebody is interested in taking my master videos and and mastering them and posting them,I would like to hear from you.
If this sounds interesting and you would like to know more,please drop me an email and let's work something out. I don't have much heavy metal or rap but TONS of rock ,new wave and some pop. If bands like REM,Echo and the Bunnymen,Pysch Furs,New Order,Weezer,Stones,Beatles,Clash,Who,Arcade fire,X,Yo La Tengo,Feelies,Kinks,Blondie,Jam,Bangles,Rilo Kiley,well,the list goes on and on. If you'd like to focus on the 80's,the 90's the 2000's. I have a little of everything.Beastie Boys,Cure,Tom Petty,Luna,Wilco,Johnny Winter,The Smithereens,Joe Jackson,whatever....
drop me a line if this sounds like something you might like to work on. All i ask,is you know what you're doing and get the transfers done right. Also be willing to post the stuff ,for everybody to share. I can supply an almost endless amount of stuff! So if somebody out there would like to help me get tons of cool stuff out there,please let me know.
Rich B.

Cornelious Jerome Garcia Oppenheimer
2010-11-02, 03:12 PM
I hope someone is taking at least part of this project on. I would if I had adequate gear. I would love to see some of those vids.

Johnny Winter :thumbsup

I would love to see the Echo & The Bunnymen & Blondie stuff too.