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DashBoard Jesus
2010-09-19, 08:39 PM
I have noticed XLD now has an option to "Import tags from a text". For the life of me I can't get this to work. Currently I'm going from DL'ing on Mac, opening FLAC in Windows, using Foobar2000 with the live show tagger plugin, and then saving on my Mac again. Very time consuming. ( I only have a Mac to work with ) Anyone got XLD working with this?

2010-09-20, 05:28 AM
Now you can automatically fill metadata by using a formatted text list.
'formatted' would be the key word in that sentence. often you need to alter/reformat the text file for the tags to be parsed correctly.
I'm hoping that the XLD developer took a page out of the foobar Live Show Tagger book so we can have a universal info.txt format for live shows and tagging.

[Name of Band]
[Album/Venue Title]

disc 1

1 track name
2 track name

disc 2

1 track name
2 track name


[Additional Liner Notes]

*warning: early morning coffee rant ahead
..imo, a strict info.txt format could/should be enforced by the major trackers and/or could be generated during the upload .torrent process (for copy/paste correction).
the etree live show format/standard was a good idea back in late 1998 for online ftp/database query.. but the format is terrible for modern playback devices.
Tagging is critical if your live shows are to be enjoyed on any 21st century digital/network playback device.
/end early morning coffee rant

2010-09-20, 07:43 AM
is there a windows decoder that does this same thing as well?

DashBoard Jesus
2010-09-20, 09:42 AM
I guess I missed the "Formatted" correctly part. Unfortunately the documentation and end-user support seems nonexistent for XLD. I have tried for two hours on a few different files to get this working. NO-GO:(

2010-09-29, 08:50 PM
I've got a buttload of concerts to tag and have been dreading it. I also saw this new XLD feature and wasn't able to get it to work. After coming across this page I had to register and come back and tell you that I've found a solution (that works for me at least). If you use iTunes, go to: http://dougscripts.com/itunes/scripts/ss.php?sp=trackparser and download and install in your iTunes scripts. Among its features is the ability to take whatever text/setlist you have copied on your clipboard and rename a batch of files accordingly. It can also fill in artist and album info and especially important is it fills in track numbers/disk number info. Hope this helps.