View Full Version : Can you author Blu-Ray?

2010-09-06, 02:22 PM
I have a couple of gigs filmed (by my friends) in HD... some are 720p and others are 1080i and 1080p. The newest version of TMPGENC authors blue ray discs.

If i use TMPGENC to author my HD files into blue ray with menus, 2nd audio etc... will I be able to seed it here? Not sure

I know standard DVDs authored with TMPGENC are seeded here all the time, but I'm quite new to blu-ray so I don't know whether tmpgenc compresses it or what not.

would it be safe to say its okay to seed them? Its the only software I know that does blueray.

2010-09-06, 04:26 PM
You might wanna take a look here:



2010-09-06, 06:58 PM
yes you can seed Blu-ray discs here...see the HD Video Seeding requirements for more info:

as for authoring progs that can do Blu-ray, there are numerous other than TMPGEnc...i know Adobe Encore and Sony Vegas Pro can