View Full Version : DVD-R or DVD+R?

Primus sucks
2010-08-19, 03:05 AM
I have a whole bunch of Weird Al shows, that are in need of being burned. Which one should I use?

2010-08-19, 05:49 AM
Personally I use DVD-R's because then you have the option of burning the 'Disc At Once'. (Disc At Once: writes the entire disc in one pass; preferred for duplication masters).

2010-08-19, 05:56 AM
I always use DVD-R

2010-08-19, 06:54 AM
It doesn't matter. Both can fail, both can be good. I prefer DVD+R because it usually has less PIF/PIE errors, but I write on both types.

2010-08-19, 07:14 AM
It doesn't matter. Both can fail, both can be good.
I guess you are right about that. I think the combination of type of media used, burning application and burner determine the outcome.

Primus sucks
2010-08-19, 08:27 AM
What's the difference?

2010-08-19, 09:41 AM
if I recall accurately, DVD-R is the red book standard and DVD+R came later and seems to have better error correction capabilites although not to the red book standards, I have better success using DVD+R; i.e. the discs are compatible with more players

2010-08-19, 11:28 AM
DVD-R for DVD Video files
and DVD+R for data files.