View Full Version : Trying to reseed a show

2010-08-16, 10:49 AM
I'm trying to reseed a show that someone has bumped with no active seeders. I have this concert with all of the original EXTRA_TS files. I have rebuilt the file structure just like the original post, every file is there with the correct size. When Utorrent is finished with it's recheck it comes up with 99.9% complete. It shows that 2.44Mb are missing from the 8.51Gb torrent. Without getting to 100% the show I'm trying to reseed does not show that there is an active seeder. I'd like to seed this show but I'm stumped at how to get past this.

2010-08-16, 11:34 AM
most likely something was changed in the text file...you should be able to check in utorrent which file is not complete

2010-08-16, 12:52 PM
Thanks. I went to the files section on Utorrent after your suggestion. After trying many work arounds I've come to the conclusion that I must have a damaged file on my disk.

2010-08-16, 05:18 PM
After trying to reseed another torrent the same thing happens 99.9%. I don't think it is because of damaged files anymore. I am going to look at the user forum at Utorrent.com for a solution, or leave a post there.