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2010-08-15, 04:34 PM
I hope I don't offend the hardcore tapers on here by asking these questions but I was rather surprised to see my torrent quickly pulled (and equally quickly put back), over linage questions.

I included the microphone battery box and recorder info as the lineage. Again I'm not a hardcore taper or trader, just tape a couple of bands frequently but I always thought people only cared about what microphones, preamp analog to digital converter and recorder were important. I usually try and post location at venue and mic stand height if I know a well.

The shows in question are shows I transferred in 2002-2003 era. My dat deck no longer exists and the 7 pin to either coax and optical cables are long gone. Does it really matter which connection was used as long as its a digital transfer? Would you not download a show based on which digital cable was used for transfer? I understand that analog transfers are not allowed of digital music so I would assume every show I see her is a digital transfer.

Again not trying to offend anyone. I understand that microtech gefell mics sound better then CSB's and using an external preamp is better then what is built into your recorder. I don't understand why what cable you used to transfer as long as its digital is relevant, or which programs you're using for the transfer as long as you are not doing something stupid like normalizing the show.

thanks again, no offense intended.

2010-08-15, 08:43 PM
I don't know the details to why your recording was pulled but with dat tapes even though they may be a digital, you most certainly can transfer them from dat tape to another dat tape, wav file or cdr lossy depending on the cabling used. Technically using the s/pdif or optical outs will produce a bit perfect clone to another dat tape or 100% digital dowsampled copy to cdr, using the rca outs which are analog will induce loss to the audio. It is debatable how much and if it is even noticable but it is loss. It may be from one digital medium to another but analog was bridge. Obviously there is no way to police this in most cases. For example if you have something that is a dat(0)>cdr or dat(4)>cdr(7) there is no realistic way to require a seeder to know how every copy was done or even to detect it(though the spectral police will try).

Actually there is one way to tell if an analog cable was used, if you have a dat or cdr that is supposed to be higher gen clone from another tape; if you have the lower gen tape play them both side by side if the volume levels are not the same then you know analog cabling was used. When going digital to digital volume level is automatically fixed to the source digital medium.

2010-08-15, 08:57 PM
I understand the difference between digital and analog transfer. My question was more why does it matter which means of digital transfer is used.

2010-08-15, 09:06 PM
I understand the difference between digital and analog transfer. My question was more why does it matter which means of digital transfer is used.

Depends who you ask but no it shouldn't matter whether you use the spdif or an optical connection. You should be at least able to specify which one you used if you transferred the dat tape if nothing else.

2010-08-15, 10:21 PM
Actually, you probably never got it Pulled, but just put on Hold while we got clarification. Why does it matter? Lineage is something we decided mattered when we started this site. I know many sites would not care at all what you put in the lineage area, if you even provide lineage, but we decided when we started this site that lineage was going to be something we asked about and required. Sometimes we put something on hold if there is a question about the lineage, but a note is left to the seeder and when the question is answered, we release the hold and the torrent is free to be downloaded. We just like to get the most accurate lineage possible especially with new shows because we would like accurate information to be provided with the show when it gets shared again.