View Full Version : Vox app for mac

2010-08-03, 06:51 AM
Just came across a new app for playing files on mac, it's called Vox. It playes flac and ape but not shn for some reason. Now i know there are a bunch of music players out there that already do this but this one has some interesting features. For example graphic eq, time shifting, pitch shifting, and format conversion. But the oddest "feature" is it's play listing, for lack of. When you click on a file to play it adds that file and every other file in that folder to it's "playlist". So you can click on a file, have it start playing, and have every other song already in line to be played. Best part is it's free too.

I'm not trying to "sell you" or anything, I just think it's a great app. It should be at least added to the list of freeware programs.