View Full Version : Great Trader: davod25

2010-07-30, 12:35 AM
did 4 trades with David in the past, he is a very good trader, fast and good communication, A++++++

2011-01-11, 03:30 AM
just completed a trade with Davod25. very good trade! awesome dvds and great communication throughout. He comes well recommended!!


2011-01-26, 02:50 PM
traded with david a few times . very fast and reliable . highly recommended trader .

2011-05-19, 09:23 AM
just done my first trade with david. very fast to mail, and great shows TOP TRADER !

Deckie B
2011-07-11, 04:55 PM
ok, this is the correct David this time haha (sorry Davehcd)
I did 3 massive trades (50 disks each time) with David and he was reliable, great contact and all disks were of great quality when they arrived.
a great trader

2011-07-11, 05:21 PM
I have a great trade with David too , second one in the works

2011-08-11, 06:15 PM
Just finished my first trade with david hes an excellent trader very patient and very nice guy as well i would recommend him to everyone.thank you so very much for the trade and hope to do another one with you in the future!A++++

2011-09-28, 09:58 PM
I did my first trade with David,he is a great trader with good communication.Also has a nice collection.

2011-10-07, 10:21 PM
hi i did my first trade with david i recommed david ex trader and nice guy we are doing other trade this one is big trade

gavin newman
2012-06-09, 07:55 AM
:wave:Just completed a trade with davod25 ,all good ,thanks.

gavin newman
2012-10-28, 05:09 AM
Just completed a second trade with davod25 , no worries at all , thanks mate.

2012-11-03, 05:20 AM
Last time my post probably got lost in another thread...
Some weeks have gone since our second trade - and everything was perfect!
Really nice contact, fast shipping, great list. Dave is indeed a first-class-trader :clap:!

2013-01-11, 02:25 PM
This guy is the best trader i have come across yet, done a deal for 20 DVDs and 3 days later i am watching perfect, brilliant, outstanding DVDs, also a very plesant and great guy, highly recommended trader

2013-01-26, 06:53 AM
Did my first Trade with Davod25.. Fast sending...

AA Trader ;)

2013-01-28, 09:05 AM
another trade with david finished and as always a great pleasure.

metal head
2013-05-15, 04:40 PM
David is a Great Trader, Great Collection, I've Done Several Trades With Him, And WILL Be Doing Several More Into The Future ,,,, Thanx , AAA+++ All Around, :clap:

2013-06-03, 07:46 PM
Good trader in my book - no hassles ,good communication, fast

2013-06-12, 09:07 AM
Awesome trader with great quality shows
Shows arrive in a timely manner,communication throughout form beginning to end

2013-06-24, 07:11 PM
Nothing negative to say here. We did a quick and seamless trade from across the Atlantic. Recommended to everyone!

2013-07-02, 11:26 PM
I agree he was great to trade with no problems.

2013-07-05, 02:04 AM
Couldn't agree more with what has already been said... Great list, great communication, fast postage, great trader. 10/10. :thumbsup

metal head
2013-10-02, 12:48 PM
Another Huge Trade With David' And Another Successful One, This Guy is One Of The Best Around, AAA+++, If U Get a Chance To Trade With This Dude, I Suggest U Do It, Because Theirs None Better :)

2015-01-26, 11:17 PM
Awesome trader, thanks a lot David!

2015-04-27, 06:52 AM
Very good trader ! All around Great guy!
Follows all the common rules ,was happy with everything !
Not too many traders that have HD & Blurays to exchange !- quality rare stuff Thanks .

2015-05-09, 03:51 PM
David is an excellent trader and great friend!
Trade with him or die!

2015-05-16, 03:43 PM
Nothing to say more, great and reliable trader, fast shipping and good friend. Thanks a lot David!