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2005-06-13, 11:38 PM
i just got some video shows recorded on 8mm tapes...some were recorded in analog and some were recorded in digital....i have an 8mm camcorder..it is analog...it will only play the 8mm analog tapes and not the digital 8mm tapes....do i need a digital 8mm camcorder to play both the analog & digital 8mm???...the digital 8mm are Maxell Hi8 MP tapes...anyone help me out with some info on getting the digital 8mm to play..what models of camcorders will play the digital 8mm.....i have only used MiniDVC..thanks for any help you can give me...

2005-06-14, 12:40 AM
are you putting them onto a dvd, or just watching them? you can play you analog tapes in a digital camcorder and it will convert them for you, personally i have a analog 8mm camera, i play though it and go to a box (DAC-100), that converts the signal to DV and then through firewire to my mac

2005-06-14, 01:56 AM
i would love to learn how to do all the video stuff....

2005-06-14, 06:05 AM
try here:


2005-06-14, 07:59 AM
i am going to put them onto dvd...so i am guessing that i need a digital 8mm camcorder to play the 8mm that are recorded in digital...???...

2005-06-14, 08:14 AM