View Full Version : Lag/problem on disconnect?

2010-06-08, 02:06 AM
I've shut down my client and logged out several times, but I can't get the site to realize I'm no longer connected. I'm just trying to start over, but it keeps logging me in multiple times in the same torrent.

2010-06-08, 02:12 AM
your IP is probbaly changing each time you do.

can you post a link to the torrent with which you are having trouble?

2010-06-08, 02:15 AM

They all just reset, thanks for taking care of it.


2010-06-08, 02:19 AM
I think you may find that your torrent client, Transmission, causes all kinds of weird problems with tracker connections and stats.

We've always recommended that people stay away from Transmission version prior to 0.72, but even after they fixed most of the bugs, I still see things like this from time to time and it's always Transmission beling used.

If you continue to have things like this happen, I'd recommend you switch to uTorrent. I have alwasy found it to be trouble free.

2010-06-08, 02:22 AM

Yeah, it happened again. I used to run BitTorrent years ago on an old iMac and was a member here, but I've since bought a new MacBook and am just getting restarted with this. Everyone I know recommended Transmission over everything else, though.

2010-06-08, 02:24 AM
for a MAC, I'd recommend this:


most popular mac client here.

2010-06-08, 02:28 AM
I had just started a thread on another site about the best clients for Macs and tonight someone replied how Transmission was so much better than anything they used, including Vuse.

2010-06-08, 02:32 AM
yeah, sorry... I was thinking that was a link to Asureus (older version).

Transmission is a popular client, but it causes problems, still, in some cases with scrapes.

Maybe try the new MAC version of uTorrent?

2010-06-08, 02:36 AM
What's a scrape?

2010-06-08, 02:37 AM
stat poll

2010-06-08, 02:39 AM
OK. I guess I'll just have to be more patient. : )

2010-06-08, 02:41 AM
The BitTorrent version I had tried was the newest version by Bram Cohen, but it kept timing out. Transmission was the next one I tried based on numerous recommendations and it worked great the last two nights. Maybe I'll go ahead and try uTorrent and see if it works any better.