View Full Version : iRiver H120/H140s can now play gapless FLAC

2005-06-13, 05:08 AM
This has been mentioned in other threads, but I thought the news was big enough to give it it's own thread. Hope this is not considered off-topic.

The "Rockbox" alternative firmware for the iRiver H120/H140 portable music players is now very close to becoming ready for widespread use.

Rockbox is a complete replacement for the "firmware" that runs inside those players, and amongst many other improvements over the original IRiver firmware, it currently offers gapless playback of FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, MP2, MP3, WavPack AC3 (aka A52) and WAV files.

The Rockbox home page is here:


and an introduction to the iRiver port is here:


(but be aware that development is moving very quickly, so the documentation s struggling to keep up).

As far as I know, the only other portable player that can play gapless FLAC is the Rio Karma.

2005-06-13, 06:38 AM
cool thanks for this info