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2010-05-11, 02:42 PM
Hey its me again.


Hey, Just wondering what the consensus is on Ripping software.

I am guessing it is EAC. Is that correct? Is there something better?

I was gonna try an upload ...... thanks, db.

2010-05-11, 03:55 PM
For Windows, yes. have 2 blank cdr's and 2 commercial cd's that happen to be in the database while configuring EAC for read / write offsets. I've had this tutorial in my favorites. Not sure if it is out dated. http://roozster.info/eac/

2010-05-11, 04:49 PM
Xact can rip can't it?

2010-05-11, 06:38 PM
Hey Daddy.
I havent tried doing anything like this in years. I dont even have EAC on this computer.

I was busy in '01 & '02 when SHN was all the rage.

I had a box of SHN Dead shows that went away cause I couldnt see keeping them around. (did I mention I was an idiot?)

I used that and MKW alot then.

sounds like EAC is still relevant. (It is still relevant, isnt it?)

BTW, the Blackhawks are dirty ratbastards !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :down:

Go Canucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

2010-05-12, 11:08 AM
Xact can rip can't it?

it can, but i'm liking XLD (http://tmkk.hp.infoseek.co.jp/xld/index_e.html) better for ripping now...i don't believe xACT gives you the ability to correct for offsets or save the extraction log

2010-05-12, 05:36 PM
AAR.oner thanks for the tip, will try XLD and she how it goes. Thank You. db

2010-05-12, 05:39 PM
Aaron is correct. XLD is best

2010-05-12, 06:16 PM
BTW, the Blackhawks are dirty ratbastards !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :down:

Go Canucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

shut up and get me a beer.

2010-05-12, 07:30 PM
^^^^ yeah, what he said

2010-05-13, 12:52 AM
........ Hey Hawksfan, that is the kindest and most gentle gloating I've heard all day.

(my hockey buddies havent spared me one bit) :D

2010-05-13, 11:48 PM

eac on windows (or with wine on linux):

xld on mac:

2010-05-14, 09:24 AM
I realize that DranoBlueslick is (appropriately) going with XLD. The stuff below is about EAC and he can ignore it. It is here for anyone else who might come to this thread searching for EAC info in the future.


Try the EAC documentation at http://blowfish.be/eac/ first. It was last updated in 2009. Randytravis, thank you very much for the blowfish.be link! I added it to the Wikipedia EAC article. Good documentation for EAC is rare.

The other link given above (roozster.info (http://roozster.info/eac/)) has pretty old info in it. That info is a mirror of the quite old SatCP website called The Coaster Factory. The URL where that website used to be is below.


As you can see if you surf to that link SatCP has taken his documentation off of the web because of "lack of time and fading interests I couldn't keep the website up to date anymore. I left the website online for archival purposes, but the information on it was outdated and sometimes even incorrect." It appears that that website "closed" in mid/late 2007.

You can also find old versions of the SatCP website in the Archive.org cache. It's just a guess on my part, but that configuration information was probably last significantly updated in 2005/2006. Even so, I have found that info to be somewhat useful in the past.

2010-05-14, 10:51 PM
thanks to all....................db

2010-05-15, 08:34 PM
XLD seems to be for Mac. I have a PC, so I guess..... it will have t be EAC..

2010-05-15, 08:37 PM
yeah, on a Windows machine, EAC is still by far the best...and its worth taking the time to set up EAC properly with yer burner, all info should be included in the links above

2010-05-18, 10:27 AM
I got a new burner not too long ago and hadn't configured the EAC properties for ripping from that drive yet, so I thought I might kill two birds with one stone and look over the blowfish.be EAC guide that randytravis gave us (Thank You) and re-configure my EAC options.

I found the http://blowfish.be/eac/ guide to be both up to date and quite useful. I only used the sections of the guide that covered the general EAC Options and the Drive Options.

The guide was written for EAC v0.99, but there is also some info for v0.95 users.

It suggested two independent tools to check for audio caching on my burner during audio ripping ... CacheX and Feurio.

I didn't try Feurio (maybe I should have). I found that CacheX gave excellent information, but had a "gotcha" or two. First, if you run cachex don't use a repetition count higher than 8 (-n 8) because the individual passes are quite slow. Second, both the cachex zip file and the cachex executable threw (for me) false positives for virus/malware/etc. You can see it is a false positive by looking at this post (http://forums.comodo.com/empty-t46633.0.html) The cachex exe is "runtime packed." That's a technique for reducing the size of the exe. Unfortunately the vast majority of malware also uses that technique, but for a much different reason. The heuristsics (= "I'm going to guess") part of your anti-virus program may well alert on programs that are "packed."