View Full Version : I Tunes 9.0 just ate my IPOD

2010-05-02, 02:57 PM
When I connect the Ipod to the computer all that happens is that it says, "Verifying ......IPOD" then the whole thing freezes. Can't add any new songs, or delete some of the old stuff.

Is this happening to anyone else? Apple's help system is useless. :hmm:

2010-05-02, 02:58 PM
first I've heard of an upgrade.... thanks for the heads up. I have a 5.5Gen iPod. I tend to wait these out for a while before I install... seen a few be quickly replaced by Apple over the years.

2010-05-02, 03:07 PM
I got 9.11 running...9.0 caused freezes if I ran other large apps.

2010-05-02, 03:10 PM
Mdshrk are you using the lastest version you can with your OS? if on a Mac (sorry I do not recall) have you used disc utility to iron out permissions? if you are like me and changed that shit endlessly that might help.

2010-05-02, 03:41 PM
I'm a pc guy....not that pc, and there were a couple of disk utilities that could find no problems.

2010-05-02, 04:14 PM
Try other program. From my knowledge you can use Foobar with one of its plugins (foo dop or foo pod or something like that), Winamp or Media Monkey.

2010-05-02, 04:19 PM
can you check the full version umber ( in itunes, clik the help menu, then "about") and see what it is? Shouold be 9.xx.x..xxx..xx or somthing like that

2010-05-02, 05:08 PM
Reset the iPod and Sync it again?

2010-05-02, 05:14 PM
if iTunes seems straightened out and if iTunes notices your iPod and THEN check to see if it will just update..if not reset n resync..I have had to do that once or twice...can be slow if your iPod is a big one.

2010-05-03, 02:10 AM
google "ipod hot keys" or similar for the keystrokes to reset it.

You can also do the Factory Settings reset through iTunes when the iPod is connected, then re-Sync

2010-05-03, 06:38 AM
So, when I try to run it through foobar i get: 87 The parameter is incorrect.

2010-05-03, 08:14 AM
Yeah, I wouldn't bother with foober. iTunes works just fine for me for several years now. Every now and then, there is some bug that causes a problem.

do this:

1) is your library intact in iTunes (on the computer)?
2) if so, reboot the computer and reset the iPod. (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1339 )

In iTunes, set it to not automatically sync when you plug the iPod up. It''s under advanced settings or something like that, I think.

Once everything is reset, try connecting again and see if you can get iTunes to see it properly. If it pops up in the left hand column as being present, you should be able to select it and do a manual sync to get it going again (either right click or click the Sync button at the lower right once the ipod is found).

2010-05-03, 08:17 AM
1) No...so what then?

2010-05-05, 05:19 AM
call apple help?