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2010-04-24, 12:33 PM
Let me see if I can explain this . . .

Does anybody out there know how to change the "Output Directory" to default to the source folder or the "Add Files" folder? I believe there's a certain code, path name, or something.

For anybody that doesn't have to change their "Output Directory" before the "Decode" sequence, what does your "Output Directory" say?

I had to change the directory the other day and now I have to change it every time I decode a file, whereas before, decoded files defaulted to the folder where I chose the "Add Files" from. They currently default to whatever the last "Output Directory" was, even the folder has been deleted (it automatically creates a new folder.)

Anyhow, thanks for any advice and for sharing all the great tunes!

2010-04-24, 08:12 PM
Mine says
<< same as input directory >>

2010-04-24, 08:23 PM
Thank you very much! That works.