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Aimee Wilbury
2010-04-22, 07:14 AM
I use Media Player Classic (NOT Home Cinema - I have problems with that) with ffmpeg to play videos.

So I just downloaded a DVD and made a copy to my DVDs folder. I always do that so I don't accidentally mess up the seeding torrent, MD5 hashes, etc. I always watch the copy and leave the original to seed, as I have tons of unused HDD space.

So I watch it before, using the VTS_01_0 file and the time says something about 17 minutes. I notice that the VIDEO_TS.VOB file is blank but I try burning it anyways -- doesn't work. So I use an old freeware version of DVDFab to fix that (good thing I copied it first, eh? ;)). So I burn it and it works.

So I pop the DVD in. It says 38 minutes. OK.

So I put the DVD in my case and put the case on the shelf and watch the "fixed" version on my HDD, as the DVD drive is extremely noisy. I watched the the VTS_01_0.VOB file. This time it gives the true time (as mentioned in the text file) of an hour.

All times, the video played properly.

Is my computer possessed?

2010-04-22, 09:47 AM

Aimee Wilbury
2010-04-22, 02:11 PM
Thought so.

2010-04-24, 12:35 AM
The VOB may be corrupted, or was authored poorly. I've seen this before.