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2010-04-17, 04:06 AM

I have been refining my setup for transferring my FM tapes, and have found this software:


I just wondered if anyone here has any knowledge/experience of using this, and whether it is effective (especially re: FM hiss removal).

I have recently (on the recommendation of folks here- thanks!) upgraded my system by adding a Soundblaster Audigy soundcard, and have noted with interest the comments here re: digital noise reduction (Tungabulb post etc). I have also changed the tape deck I am using (the Ion Tape2PC one had develped faults) and can remove some hiss on the Dolby C recorded FM masters (as the deck has Dolby C), but some masters still have some fairly major FM hiss.

I will admit that I class myself as a 'rank amateur'- I know what sounds good, but am not adept at major sound processing jobs- leaving that to the sound engineers.

Any comments would be appreciated- you guys seem to have a lot of knowledge I could learn a great deal from.



2010-04-24, 12:33 AM
That looks to be a low-end tool. I'd just assume use Audacity, for freeware.
More on audio restoration: http://www.digitalFAQ.com/forum/forumdisplay.php/restore-filter-improve-17.html