View Full Version : Pitch control advice..?

2010-04-04, 11:45 PM
I have some cassettes with slight pitch problems.
My question is, how do I find the correct pitch?
Should I go to a commercial CD release and adjust the
boot pitch to the retail release?
Which pitch app is preferred by you folks?
Any tutorials for this process around here?
If not, after I figure this out I will write a tutorial and post it here.
Thanx in advance

P.S. Threads at bottom of page helpful. All hail the search engine...

2010-04-05, 06:40 AM
you can research the key that the song was written/played in, and correct to that...&/or compare to other releases from the time...but it all comes down to the discerning ear

however, keep in mind that old cassettes typically have varying speed/pitch problems...so pitch correction isn't a "this tape needs to be slowed down by x%" sorta process...a 60 min tape can take a LOT of time since yer havin to go thru frame by frame, constantly adjusting the pitch accordingly

that said, i would personally use Ableton Live for the process, or Logic...numerous other programs/plugins out there tho

2010-04-05, 11:06 PM
I use Sound Forge.