View Full Version : Anyone interested in converting Bill Hicks VHS to DVD?

2010-03-31, 05:58 PM
Sorry, I couldn't decide which forum to post this in.

Is anyone here interested in converting some Bill Hicks VHS videos to dvd?

If you're reading this you probably know who Bill Hicks is.

I have a handful of videos, VHS sourced, of Letterman Clips, Chicago (the Heckler show), an hour-long interview, and a different edit of Sane Man.

I didn't record these myself, so these aren't 1st-gen gems. I bought some from ebay back around 1999. My Sane Man is a different edit than the DVD release.

I want to watch this stuff, but I can't bring myself to hook-up my VCR.

I would be happy to mail these vids to anyone interested in converting to DVD. As long as you have been a long-time member here, someone who is a fan, trustworthy.

PM me.

2010-03-31, 07:16 PM
or, for godssake, maybe somone could post some Bill Hicks torrents!

ye gods, there is so much footage out there.
but there has never been a big "spoken word" presence on torrent sites.

Dime won't allow it. TD will (smartly), I've seen some great comedy here.

comedy is music too, please don't discriminate.

har har.

2010-04-01, 07:30 AM
i'd be more than happy if these aren't circulating at all, but it would take me a little while to get to em [backed up already with stuff]...if ya don't hear from anyone else let me know