View Full Version : which source is better??

2005-06-07, 10:26 AM
source 1 (show split into 16 tracks):
Source: radio station satellite feed > Tascam DA-30mkii > Audiomedia III > PowerMacG4 > Pro Tools
CD > SHN via Plextor 12x4x32

source 2 (show split into 14 tracks):
Source: pre-FM SBD/AUD Matrix > DAT > CDR > SHN

this is from the u2 show at Irving Plaza 2000-12-05

4 questions:
1. Does anybody know which source is better??
2. Would either be allowed on this tracker??
3. Is source 1 pre FM??
4. I have source 2, if source 1 is better, does anobody have it to seed here (or on U2torrents if its not allowed here)??

2005-06-07, 11:07 AM
looks to me like both initial sources may be the same. if the source 1 taper had the DA-30 at the station pulling the satellite feed before it was broadcast than its a pre FM just like source 2. If the source 1 taper was at the house recording it than its really just an FM source and source 2 should be the better of the two. If you already have source 2 i would stick with that since the way I see this is at best source 1 is = to source 1.....

2005-06-07, 03:36 PM
source 1 sounds to me like a post-broadcast recording of satellite radio

(that'd make source 2 better, btw)

2005-06-07, 04:00 PM
the preFM should be better with more frequency response in the highs

2005-06-08, 05:48 AM
You would also probably like to know what was done in Protools with the first one. It could have levelled up the show a good bit depending on what was done - it also seems that the tracks were split better. Personally I would go for source 1 as it probably is a better listening experience. But that's just me. :cool:

2005-06-13, 03:24 PM
thanks for the answers, and info.

after this discussion I forgot to upload it until now. It is here:

from what I was told by users on u2torrents, this is the better version.