View Full Version : where to get AVI or MKV of shows

2010-02-02, 05:41 PM
I noticed that most shows here are in a disc format (or files ready to be burned to disc)
is there any sites where i could get the shows in either an AVI or MKV file format. I don't use a disc player, but rather a HTPC and store everything on HDDs.

currently i am burning to ISO and them mounting the ISOs but this results in much larger file size than necessary, plus i have no need for menus or chapters

2010-02-02, 06:25 PM
I play lots of "disc format" shows straight on my "HTPC" using VLC rarely burn anything other than for archive reasons. Just got done putting 22GB on a disc for $2.50 I can't wait for the price of BD to drop by a factor of 10 in order make burning 50GB/disc an option I can afford.

2010-02-03, 11:15 AM
You should be seeing more mkv here as the HD torrents become more prevalent.