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2010-01-29, 11:02 AM
i filmed a friends band the other night and just getting round to watching the finished dvds.Everything seems fine on the first disc,but the sound cuts out for a matter of seconds ( on two occasions ) during the same song.Ive checked the original mini dv tape and the sound loss is on the tape too.So im not sure if the tape was damaged or what,anyone have this problem before,its the first time ive had this in all the years ive filmed.Also there is a small skip ( looks like a dropped frame or two) which seems to appear on the actual mini dv tape and isnt just the usual dropped frame while transferring the tape.I used two brand new tapes on the evening,the first tape has a small glitch,but this only shows on the dvd and its not on the actual tape,the second tape has the audio drop out and the small skip.

2010-01-29, 04:28 PM
If they were packaged together, it could be a bad lot of tapes. What brand tapes were you using?

2010-01-30, 12:39 AM
dirty heads on the camera?

2010-01-30, 01:36 AM
If they were packaged together, it could be a bad lot of tapes. What brand tapes were you using?

i bought two sony hdv mini dv tapes,i use them all the time and never had this problem.As for the heads,they're fine,so i think i might have to put it down to a tape that was destined not to work 100%.

2010-01-30, 08:38 AM
aside from the above comments, could be a bad connection w/ the camera mics as well

the dropped frames could have to do with the motor going bad, or the chip(s) going bad...could be that you were recording in LP mode instead of SP mode [wouldn't affect the audio tho]

the audio and dropped frame issues might be unrelated, and might not -- quite a few possibilities actually...i would clean the heads well, and if it happens again when using a *different batch of tapes* then i'd take the camera in to a repair shop and have them check it out

2010-02-06, 10:18 PM
Pack the Tape first by fast forwarding and rewinding before use. That used to help with me with DATs and intermittent noise.