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2010-01-23, 03:52 PM
Hi all,
I am beginning to rip my CD's and since I am a novice I have some questions for the experts. I note that most (if not all) of the torrents include a rip log. I downloaded dbPoweramp and converted a couple of discs to flac format at the highest compression level. However, I have not found an option to create a log. Is there a better application for converting CD audio to flac? I also have a USB turntable so I can begin converting my album collection. Any direction or suggestions would be welcome.

2010-01-23, 07:16 PM
It is recommended to use EAC to extract the audio. For flac conversion, TLH or flac Frontend are most commonly used, although dBpoweramp will do it too.

2010-01-24, 07:37 AM

if you follow the Install, Setup, and Ripping guides at that link, you'll have a perfect copy of the audio that's on the cd. just don't skip any steps, and you'll have a .log, .cue, and flac fileset.

2010-01-25, 08:35 PM
Thanks to both of you for answering my question

2010-03-31, 11:13 PM
How do I download these to my iphone?

2010-04-01, 07:31 AM
what, flac files? i'm pretty sure the iphone doesn't accept flac format

2010-04-01, 04:40 PM