View Full Version : Replace DVD audio w/My Master Cass, Help!

2005-06-01, 04:44 PM
So I get this nice DVD of Stevie Ray Vaughan at the
Iowa St Fairgrounds in D.M. Iowa with crummy sounding audio.
Not to worry as I have a killer Audience Master recording
and I want to combine the two.
I start by Demuxing the DVD into a .m2v video and a .Ac3 of the crummy audio.
Next I import the .m2v file and a .wav file of my master recording into
adobe premier as the primary Vid & Audio.
I align the tracks at the start only to discover there is a timing
problem and the sync goes out. Video running long.
I figure I will adjust the length of the video to suit the audio since
it was recorded on a sony tcd5m w/ servo control capstan and I think
it is accurate in pitch.
I adjust the vid legnth so it syncs towards the end of the audio, only
to find the sync spot at the start has shifted. Still out of sync...
At this point I load the crummy ac3 audio and the .wav master recording
together for time comparison and discover they are similarly out of sync,
with the crummy audio (and Vid) running slower than the .wav audio replacement track.
The .wav was, 16/44 bit converted by premier to 24/48.
I concidered syncing after every track rather than over the entire legnth
of the clip...
This will be sweet when it is done but I need advice on the tech.
ray in Des Moines

2005-06-01, 05:21 PM
first off, i would start with the *orig* demuxed .m2v [not the length-adjusted version!] and the orig .wav transfer. i usually make a copy of the wav for "messing with" and import into Premiere [i'm a Final Cut Pro user, so my directions might need adjusting for Premiere]. based on yer previous attempt, these'll be OOS...

there might be other ways, but here's two:
1. cutting audio at song changes and adjusting the speed of each track [you might have to snip ends occassionsally if two smultaneous tracks overlap :disbelief ]
2. There is probly some sorta key frame time-stretch function, either in the "audio effects" or "audio filters" options, or possible right on the timeline itself...you can adjust for speed using key frames, which sould give you more *professional* sounding results...check the manual maybe?

try searching the ttd technobabble/archive with "resyncing" or "video/audio out of sync"...you should find something in a past thread